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Featured Products

The Saudi Arabian plastic packaging business is extremely fragmented, with market incumbents and regional contract packaging companies. A competitive advantage may be gained via innovation in design, technology, and application.

What is BOPP?

Polypropylene Biaxially Oriented BOPP is the more affordable and flexible packaging film that is a perfect alternative to cellophane. A stronger and more effective barrier to water vapour and oxygen gas, BOPP film has improved strength and barrier characteristics. It is a film that has been mechanically and manually stretched in the cross direction. For these reasons, the picture has grown to be one of the most popular and sought-after films on the planet.

BOPP films are so versatile, and you’ll be surprised at how many packages and items it can cost-effectively cover once you grasp the characteristics provided by its many product choices. By now, it should be clear why it’s such a common substance in the business world. There are varieties of finishes available for BOPP film, and they may be utilized for a variety of applications.

These BOPP films have BOPP as the base material, and these are different from other plastic films. Because BOPP films provide excellent print quality and eco-friendly printing choices, it’s all better now: brands, colors, promos, and packaging. The reverse printing of laminated films protects prints better, resulting in packs that appear as good as when they left the manufacturer or packaging facility.

Some of its prominent features are:

  • High transparency, clarity, and excellent gloss
  • Impressive flatness and dimensional stability
  • Low electrostatic charge
  • They are environment friendly, lightweight, and keeps products dry
  • Wide temperature range piercing
  • Flex fracture and ultraviolet rays resistance

Top BOPP film suppliers in Saudi Arabia:

Gulf Packaging Industries Ltd

Address: Rd 148, Industrial Area, Al Jubail 35723, Saudi Arabia

gulf pack

Gulf Pack is a limited liability corporation (Gulf Packaging Industries Limited). It was founded in 1989 as the Arabian Gulf region’s first manufacturer of biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP).

Gulf Pack places a premium on developing market-leading packaging products that address the growing need for better packaging performance. Gulf Pack’s systematic approach is used to all stages of the process, from design and material implementation through manufacturing and compliance. Our specialized teams work directly with clients to look at the whole process and offer them stronger, safer, and more effective solutions, in the long run, using cutting-edge testing equipment.


Featured Products:

  • Transparent Films
  • Plain Films
  • Metalized Films
  • Solid White Films
  • White Pearled Films
  • Matte Films
  • Tape Films



Address: Suite # 5 – KING SAUD ST. North Obhur District PO BOX 452, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Flexico packaging

FLEXICO PACKAGING (FP) was founded in 2012 to a rising need for packaging goods across the Middle East. FP has a sustainable development strategy that places a premium on responsibly delighting customers while also caring for the community and environment. They are serving regional markets via a Just-In-Time approach that emphasizes faster delivery times and high-quality goods. FP has developed a sizable client base, including multinational food conglomerates, printing firms, and worldwide cosmetics businesses.


Featured Products:

Flexico Packaging mainly manufactures BOPP films. Simple BOPP films have a wide variety used for range of industrial packaging. The best available options for BOPP films are:

  • Matte Film
  • White Opaque Film
  • Label Grade White Film
  • Metallized Heat Sealable Film
  • Transparent Non-Sealable Film
  • Transparent Heat Sealable Film
  • Wet Lamination Film ( Board & Paper Lamination)
  • Thermal Lamination Film – Glossy & Matt- Offset Printing

For special packaging applications, coated BOPP films are available such as:

  • Acrylic Coated Films
  • PVDC Coated Films

Rowad National Plastics | شركة الرواد الوطنية للبلاستيك

Address: Eastern Ring Rd Ext, New Industrial Area, Riyadh 14334, Saudi Arabia


With over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, Rowad is a prominent producer in the Middle East, producing high-quality goods that are sold to more than 30 countries across the globe. Rowad manufactures BOPP packaging film, engineered plastic sheets, geomembrane liners, paint pail cases and covers, reprocessed resins, and automobile batteries, among other products. Their business expertise and cutting-edge production technology allow them to provide the finest goods at the most affordable rates.


Featured Products:

They manufacture a complete BOPP products range of heat sealable and non-sealable grades including:

  • Matt
  • Solid White
  • Transparent
  • Pearl
  • Metalizable
  • Metalized
  • White cavitated

Al Ismail Plastic Factory

Address: Dallah Street, Driving School Road, Eastern Province - 31491, Saudi Arabia


al ismail plastic factory

AL Ismail Plastic Factory was founded in 1983 by Abdulla Ahmed Al Ismail. The business has specialized in providing goods like Plastic Bags, BOPP film rolls, BOPP Tapes, Warning Tapes, PE Rolls, PVC Stretch Film, Paper Bags, Disposable utensils, and Aluminium Foil.

Clients from the Gulf, India, China, Turkey, and other countries are their top priority. They continuously try to enhance output and have invested in doing so. With their r skilled team of experts with diverse subject knowledge and skills, they efficiently use all available resources to create a variety that meets industry standards and customer needs.


Featured Products:

Supply BOPP rolls in almost every size and micron.

Al Hoshani & Partner Plastic Factory. مصنع الحوشاني للبلاستيك

Address: 3423 An Nuzlah Al Wusta, Badr, 8618، Riyadh 14727, Saudi Arabia

Al hoshani group of industries

Al Hoshani Plastic was founded in 1989 by Mohammad Ali Al Hoshani and Mahmood Aziz Abdul Aziz. Our main strengths are cutting-edge extruders with rotary systems and high-tech sealing devices.


Al Hoshani Group has gradually developed into one of Saudi Arabia’s most seasoned Packaging solution providers. Our experience stems from almost three decades of servicing the Saudi Arabian market, varied individuals who helped us develop, and highly competent management.


Featured Products:

They provide high quality and durable BOPP stretch film rolls.

Lights Ray Company

Address: P.O. Box - 270033, Ameer Fahad Bin Jalawi Street, Hay-Al-Rowdah, Opposite Rowdah Amusement Park, Riyadh - 13213, Saudi Arabia

light ray

Light Ray Company provides BOPP Film Rolls with excellent protection against dust and other particles. These BOPP Film Rolls are available at market-leading prices that are produced by established industry standards. These BOPP Film Rolls are known for their extreme strength, high-quality printing, and outstanding optional attributes, impenetrable and straightforward to apply features.


Featured Products:

Light Ray Company is manufacturing, exporting, and supplying the following products to customers worldwide:

  • ECR Device (Casio ECR-TE 8000), ECR Device (Casio SE-S300SBMB), ECR Device (Casio SE-C300MB)
  • Packaging wrapper
  • Packaging films
  • Polyolefin film rolls
  • Bopp film rolls, thermal rolls, thermal labels
  • Pos thermal printer paper rolls


BOPP is a highly essential flexible packaging material with a wide variety of uses. Therefore corona treatment is needed before gluing or printing. However, following corona treatment, BOPP film has excellent printing adaptability and can be overprinted to achieve an exquisite look.

With its low surface energy, it is perfect for composite film’s surface layer material. It is non-toxic, colorless, odorless, and has high tensile strength, impact strength, stiffness, toughness and excellent transparency. BOPP film also has disadvantages, such as a rapid buildup of static electricity and no heat seal-ability.

All these manufacturers mentioned above, suppliers, and traders from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provide the best quality BOPP film rolls in a price range of affordable to costly.