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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturing Companies in Bulgaria?

The Polyester Films market investigation report covers the significant statistics of the value, production, profitability, supply/demand ratio, capacity, volume, and much more. Because of the use of polyester films in almost every industry field, many countries are producing polyester films in a considerable amount. These companies have their supply distribution chain all around the world.

A successful wholesaler always considers numerous options before buying a product from the market. It helps him to acquire a high-quality product. The same is the case with the wholesaler of Polyester films. He will search for the best Polyester film manufacturing company in his region to meet packaging requirements.

Kingchuan has been helping the local market with high-quality Polyester plastic films since 1992. Kingchuan achieved a reputed position in the market through hard work and determination. Kingchuan utilizes premium raw materials for preparing the best quality Polyester films. The quality control unit of Kingchuan ensures the reduction of even slight manufacturing defects in these packaging films. 

Bulgaria is also on the list of consumers and producers to some extent. On a countrywide level, the Bulgarian Waste Management Act (“WMA“) offers the general legislative framework that controls packaging and plastics waste. Looking for a polyester company in Bulgaria is a time-consuming process. This article will guide you about the polyester companies in Bulgaria.

The future of the Polyester film market in Bulgaria seems to be attractive with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and electrical industries. This marketplace’s most significant growth drivers are the increasing demand for flexible packaging and the flat panel display marketplace.

The increased demand for Polyester films is due to its following characteristics:

  • Attractive packaging material
  • 100% recyclable polyester films
  • Exceptional transparency 
  • Uniform thickness
  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent Chemical resistance/ Physical properties
  • High tensile strength
  • High gas permeability barrier
  • High humidity resistance
  • No odor and toxicity
  • Low UV permeability

To fulfill the requirements of polyester films, many companies have developed in Bulgaria. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.

Four Seasons FZE

Address: B.C. 1301354, Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Four Seasons FZE logo

Four Seasons FZE company has been intricate in offering Stocklot of PET/ ALU/PE Film in Bulgaria at industry-top prices. The company started in 2019 with eight employees working in it.

It is a waste management company involved in metals, plastic & papers recycling, distribution, and trading of production scrap and waste in the form of rolls. 

The company trades the products that efficiently help in waste management.

The company is working as a seller and buyer of Stocklot of Plastic Film Rolls, Paper Rolls, Polymers, Metals Scrap, Plastic Scrap, Coated Fabrics & Paper Scrap, etc. Four Seasons FZE company markets covered Asia, Europe, South America, North America Africa.

The company is considered among the First-class Stocklot of PET/ALU/PE film suppliers in Bulgaria with good product quality. Being a leading Stocklot of Pet/ALU/PE film trader in Bulgaria, the company provides timely delivery and round-the-clock customer support.

Main Products

  • Metal Scrap
  • Stock Lots Plastic/Paper/Fabric (Stocklot of PVC Film, Stocklot of BOPP Film)
  • Paper Scrap
  • Textile Rags
  • Plastic Scrap (Polyester – PET Scrap, Polyvinyl Chloride Scrap)
  • Waste Recycling Disposal
  • Polymers (PVC resins)


Nizza Plastics Company Limited

Address: 69, Yenchit. 6. Thungwatdon Sathorn Bangkok. 10120 Thailand

Nizza Plastic Co. logo

Nizza Plastic Co. was established in 2005 in Thailand. In 2006 company get registered with the Thailand Ministry of commerce. The company is a top manufacturer, distributor, and supplier of plastic sheets, PVC rigid films.

The annual turnover is $10 million-50 million USD. Nizza plastics is the leading brand of the company in PVC and plastics. 

PVC is the 3rd most favored synthetic polymer formed in the world.

PVC is being used in various applications like automotive components, electronics, packaging, and construction material. Its’ most common form is fittings, films, and pipes.

Nizza Plastic Co. has been known as a leading supplier, manufacturer, and exporter of PVC Transparent Sheet in Bulgaria because of its faultless quality and low prices. 

Main Products

  • PVC Rigid sheets
  • PVC transparent sheets
  • PVC films
  • Thermoforming plastics
  • PVC Resin
  • PET sheets
  • RPET sheets
  • RPET flakes


Address: Yagodovsko shoes, 4113 Yagodovo Plovdiv Province, Bulgaria

Viplast AD logo

Viplast AD is a new and dynamically emerging company involved in PET film manufacturing. The PET films made in the company are used for food and other non-food items packaging.

In 2016 the company extended its scope of business by participating in a modern and highly productive line for rigid PET film extrusion, pointing to becoming the leading Bulgarian manufacturer of high-quality 3-layer co-extruded PET film for thermoforming and laminated PET/PE films.

Main Products

  • Rigid PET film
  • Laminated films


Among the companies mentioned above, Viplast and Four seasons FZE are highly recommended Polyester film manufacturers in Bulgaria.

These companies bring innovative solutions for their customers. Their manufacturing units are equipped with the latest machinery.

They provide excellent customer service.  You can get premium Polyester films from these companies at any time.