Polyester Film Manufacturers in Russia

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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturers in Russia?

The future of the Polyester film market in Russia seems to be attractive with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and electrical industries. The most important growth drivers for this marketplace are the increasing demand for flexible packaging and the flat panel display marketplace.

The increased demand for Polyester films is due to its following characteristics:

  • 100% recyclable polyester films
  • 100% Mono-PET
  • Excellent transparency
  • Uniform thickness
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Excellent Physical properties
  • High tensile strength
  • High gas permeability barrier
  • High humidity resistance
  • No odor and toxicity
  • Low UV permeability

To fulfill the requirements of polyester films, many companies have developed in Russia. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.

Flex Films Manufactures

Address: Bld.1, Pos. 4, Industrialnaya str., Smatovo vil, Stupino, Moscow Region, 142821, Russia.

Flex Films manufactures logo

Flex Films manufactures is Indian’s largest packaging industry was established in 1985. The company provide its facilities in four major continents including North America, Asia, Africa and Europe with the production capacity of 5,10,000 MT/ year with BOPET films supply.

Flex Films has constructed manufacturing facilities at strategic places worldwide – India, Russia, UAE, Egypt, USA, Mexico, Hungary, Poland & Nigeria. Flex Films gain large market share of Polyester Films in Russia.

In Russia company has 30,000 TPA capacity for One 8.7-meter wide BOPET Film Line. It is complemented with 8,000 TPA capacity of One 2.85-meter-wide plasma enhanced avant-garde metallizer.

Main Products

  • BOPET Films
  • Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) Films
  • Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Films
  • PCR Grade Films
  • Metalized films
  • Speciality films
  • Alex coated films


Address: Russia, 199178, c. Saint-Peresrburg, Maliy prospect of Vasilievskiy Island, 57/2

RT Group logo

RT Group was established in 1994 as packaging material manufacturer. By time, the company has gained an important position in this field and built the reputation as competent and reliable manufacturer.

RT group is a manufacture of technological equipment and packaging machines. These equipments are used in Packing, bakery/ confectionery production, bulk storage, fruits/vegetables production and transportation of bulk products.

Company also produces packaging film rolls for the rest of packing machines. In Russia every 4th packaging machine is manufactured by RT group.

The Manufacturing site of company occupies 20,000 sq. m. Almost 100 ~ 500 highly qualified experts are working in the company. The annual revenue of the company in 2020 was $546,456 USD

Main Products

  • BOPP films
  • BOPP metallized films
  • CPP films
  • PET films
  • LDPE films
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper films


Address: De Steiger 461351 AC AlmereThe Netherlands

Plastopil logo

Plastopil is a northern Israel company founded in 1960 near Nazareth. It is a global company that works as manufacturer of flexible packaging material for chilled food industry (Meat, Poultry, Fish, Fresh products, Dairy, ready food).

The company is working in Europe, North America and Israel with vast experience and useful technological capabilities. The company has its global networks of distributors in more than 20 countries including Russia.

The annual revenue of Israel Plastopil Hazorea Company is almost $52.49 million USD with more than 20 employees working in it.

The European Plastopil Europe B.V. has annual revenue of $2.94 million USD with 10 employees working at the site.

The North American Plastopil Inc has an annual revenue of
$81 million USD with 270 employees.

To fulfil the demanding recycling rules, Plastopil has launched flexible packaging range which is ready-to-recycle.

Main products

  • Lidding films
  • Thermoformable films
  • TBags and pouches
  • Flow packs
  • Vacuum skin packaging


Address: +7 (495) 741-44-46, ext. 911 exportsales@stirolplast.com

PolyER logo

PolyER is a Russian company was established in 1993, as a wholesales company for packaging material of stiroplast. This is a leading company in the production of tapes and food plastic packaging made of polyester films, PP, PS films.

The company is working on automatic packaging and thermoforming lines. The company warehouses cover total 45,000 square meters. More than 500 staff working in 10 extrusion lines.

The production capacity of 30 European made thermoforming machines is 300 million units of products and >600 tons of thermoforming sheets per month.

Main Products

  • Containers for hot dishes
  • Containers for cold dishes
  • Cups
  • Plates
  • Stealing trays
  • Thermoforming sheets
  • Custom prints

Joint Venture “AMIPAK”

Address: 247350, Republik of Belarus, Gomel region Buda-Koshelyowa, Lenina 61a

Joint Venture “AMIPAK” logo

Joint Venture “AMIPAK” a manufacturing enterprise produces a wide variety of packing materials along with products for pharmaceutical and food industries, commercial businesses agriculture and industrial enterprises.

This enterprise is working in the Customs Union countries, republic of Belarus and the CIS countries that include Russia.

It is among the largest CIS enterprises which produce disposable packaging, flexible packing materials, and polymeric multiway packing materials. In 1989 AMIPAK was established as small setup. Now it is main producer of packing materials in the the CIS and Republic of Belarus.

AMIPAK has >32,000 square metres of warehouses and production areas.1994 first PET films plant was launched. In 1998 is representative office was opened in Moscow, Russia.

Main Products

  • PET films (Foam films, Metallized PET film)
  • Packing materials with flexographic printing
  • Polyethylene films (Shrink film, laminated films)
  • Multilayer barrier materials
  • Disposable packaging materials
  • Multiway polymeric packaging
  • Extruded laminated material


According to AMI, there is an excellent capability for growth in the polyester film industry in Russia. The industrial system in Russia is fast changing as the country grows from the chaotic early period and the destruction of the earlier Soviet industrial complexes.240 companies signify around 80% of Polyester film production in Russia.

Despite the current economic slowdown, film production demand will increase as Russia is offering massive potential for development, especially in the packaging division. This rivalry and changing consumer demands act as a stimulus for plastic film packaging development. There are a lot of Polyester film manufacturing companies in Russia. It’s time-consuming to find the best polyester film manufacturer company in Russia because of their vast number. This article will help you select a trustworthy Polyester film manufacturing company in Russia.

Kingchuan has been serving high-quality Polyester plastic films to the global market since 1992. Kingchuan achieved a reputed position in the market through hard work and determination. Kingchuan utilizes premium raw materials for preparing the best quality Polyester films. The quality control unit of Kingchuan ensures the reduction of even slight manufacturing defects in these packaging films.

Among the above-mentioned companies, Joint Venture “AMIPAK” and RT group are highly recommended Polyester film manufacturers in Russia. These companies bring innovative solutions for their customers. Their manufacturing units are equipped with the latest machinery.

They provide excellent customer service.  You can get premium Polyester films from these companies at any time.