Polyester Film Manufacturers in South Korea

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Why Choose Polyester Film Manufacturing Companies In South Korea?

The future of the Polyester film market in South Korea seems to be attractive with opportunities in the industrial, packaging, and electrical industries.

The most important growth drives for this marketplace are the increasing demand for flexible packaging and the flat panel display marketplace.

The increased demand for Polyester films is due to its following characteristics:

  • Excellent transparency
  • Uniform thickness
  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent Chemical resistance
  • Excellent Physical properties
  • High tensile strength
  • Excellent gas barrier
  • Waterproof properties without odor/toxicity

To fulfill the requirements of polyester films, many companies have developed in South Korea. Here is the list and specialties of those companies.

Hyosung Chemical

Address: 235 Banpo-aero, Seo Cho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Hyosung Chemical logo

Hyosung Chemical was founded in 1966. The Company provides a wide range of products, including polyester films worldwide.  The annual revenue of the CompanyCompany in 2020 was USD 2.49 billion with more than USD 100 million sales volume.

Company export content is up to 75%. More than 500 employees are working in the Company. Hyosung’s PP-R products, used in making industrial pipes, command the highest 26 % share in the global market.

In 1996 Company PU film entered in nylon business, and in 1997 it entered in PET films business.

TPA made in CompanyCompany is exported in Europe, the middle east, and Asia. Various types of films and polypropylene manufacturing contribute to the highest market share of Korea.

Hyosung successfully commercialized polyketone first time in the world. It’s a core material in the global industry with great physical properties.

Main Products

  • PP/DH (polypropylene)
  • TPA
  • POK (Polyketone)
  • Neochem235
  • Polyester Film
  • Optical Film


Address: Block B, The K twin Tower, 50 Jongro-1-Gil, Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea

SKC logo

SKC was established in 1976. It became the first polyester film (PET) developing CompanyCompany in Korea in 1977 and the 4th largest PET maker globally. In 1991, this was the only CompanyCompany to commercialize P.O. (Propylene Oxide) in Korea.

Total 3,500 employees are working in the CompanyCompany with the sale of 2.5 trillion won.

In 2008 company took the initiative to commercialize biodegradable films in Korea and HPPO eco-friendly technology in the world. Currently, SKC has a production system that covers converting base film and polymerizing the polyester.

Widespread products of the CompanyCompany include optical film used in LCDs. Numerous PET films

As polarizers, protective film and reflective films are also used in the LED display. These products have outstanding properties such as gathering, passing, reflecting lights, and diffusing.

SKC flourished in the mass production of packaging shrinkable films, the world’s second most needed product.

SKC is also the world’s top manufacturer of all film products (fluorine film, PET film, and EVA sheet) required for solar cells. Fluorine film and PET film protect the back of the solar photovoltaic module, and the EVA sheet protects a central part of the solar cell.

Main Products

  • PET films
  • Videotapes
  • Polarizer protective film
  • Shrinkable films
  • Polyimide films

KOLON Industries

Address: 110 Magokdong-ro Gangseo-gu Gangseo-gu Korea, Republic of (South)

KOLON Industries logo

KOLON industries were established in 1954. In 1957, it became the first nylon production company in South Korea. The Company has made an important contribution to the country’s economic growth.

Kolon Industries is a South Korean company mainly involved in the manufacturing and sale of chemical fiber.

The Company has four major divisions: Chemical, industrial, film/electronic, and fashion material. The Film/Electronic Materials division manufactures and sells nylon film, polyethylene terephthalate film, and dry film.

In 1985 company began the production of polyester films in its Gumi plant. In 1997 company started polyester films production in Indonesia.

In 2020 the annual revenue of the KOLON group was USD 3.62 billion. Total 1001-5000 employees are working in the Company.

Main Products

  • Nylon Film
  • Coated Films
  • Polyester Film
  • Light Diffuser Plate
  • Light Diffuser Film
  • Prism Films
  • Hydrocarbon resins
  • Phenolic resins
  • Artificial leather
  • Tire cords

Four seasons FZE

Address: B.C. 1301354, Ajman Free Zone, Ajman, United Arab Emirates

Four seasons FZE logo

Four Seasons FZE company has been intricate in offering Stocklot of PET Films in South Korea at industry-top prices. The CompanyCompany started in 2019 with a total of 8 employees working in it.

It is a waste management company Involved in metals, plastic & papers recycling, distribution, and trading of production scrap and waste in the form of rolls.  The CompanyCompany trades the products that efficiently help in waste management.

The CompanyCompany is considered among the First-class Stocklot of PET Film Suppliers in South Korea with good product quality.

Main Products

  • Metal Scrap
  • Stock Lots Plastic/Paper/Fabric (Stocklot of PVC Film, Stocklot of BOPP Film)
  • Paper Scrap
  • Textile Rags
  • Plastic Scrap (Polyester – PET Scrap, Polyvinyl Chloride Scrap)
  • Waste Recycling Disposal
  • Polymers (PVC resins)


Address: 118, Jeongmun-Ro 586beon-Gil, Paju-Eup, Paju-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea


KWC is the world’s best shrink-sleeved labor maker. The CompanyCompany was founded in 1990 in South Korea.

The CompanyCompany is working as a Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler company. Total 20-49 employees are working in the Company. Total Annual Sales Volume of the company is USD 5,000,001 – 10,000,000.

Main Products

  • P. shrink films
  • PVC shrink labels
  • PET shrink labels
  • OPS shrink labels
  • PLA shrink labels


Among the above-mentioned companies, KOLON industries and Hyosung Chemical are highly recommended Polyester film manufacturers in South Korea.

The polyester film is sometimes known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate). It’s a polymer resin of polyester family commonly known from its market names as Grafix’s own DuraLar™. These films are used in solvent-based coating and printing applications.

These films are used for printing and solvent-based coating applications. These films are most definitely for masking applications, printed labels, face shields, and engineering drawings. These companies bring innovative solutions for their customers. Their manufacturing units are equipped with the latest machinery.

They provide excellent customer service.  You can get premium polyester films from these companies at any time.