Top 10 BOPP Film Manufacturers in Indonesia – A Complete Guide

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Why Choose BOPP Film Manufacturers in Indonesia?

Indonesian plastic film industry started its operation in 1984. Only three companies were producing BOPP films till 1991. However, the number increased to eight by 2020. 

Since then, we can witness a constant and significant increase in the demand and production of plastic films in Indonesia.

According to recent research, the growth rate of the Indonesian flexible packaging market in the coming years is at a CAGR of 4.6%.  

BOPP, PET, and CPP films are extensively used as raw materials for flexible packaging like pouches, bags, and wraps.

In the food sector and packaging industry, the demand for BOPP plastic films in Indonesia increases day by day. Consequently, the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia bring innovative ideas with high-quality products.

You may get high-grade BOPP plastic films at competitive prices by choosing an authentic Indonesian BOPP film manufacturer.

PT. Trias Sentosa, Tbk

Address: Spazio Tower 15th Floor, Jl. Mayjen Yono Suwoyo, Surabaya, 60225 Indonesia

pt trias

The company started in 1979 and became one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia with continuous innovations and well-reputed business.

However, Trias Sentosa was publically listed in 1989. Till 1996, the company had four production lines.

As a result, the annual production capacity of BOPP films reached 40,000 tons. With consistent growth and expansion, up until now, the company has the annual ability to produce 100,000MG BOPP films.

Trias Sentosa works on three basic principles, responsibility, transparency, and accountability.

Furthermore, the fully automated system ensures mass production and on-time completion of your orders.

You may find Trias Sentosa’s top quality products worldwide as a renowned brand ‘Astria’. Three major marketing companies support PT. Trias Sentosa. These are, the Gudang Garam Group, Pangguang Electronics Group, and Ariyo Seto Group.

Main Products:  

BOPP film, PET film, and special films

PT. Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk.

Address: Wisma Indosemen 5th Floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 70 – 71 Jakarta 12910, Indonesia

pt indopoly

For more than 25 years, Indopoly Swakarsa Industry manufactures and supplies high-quality BOPP films under the brand name ‘Ilene’.

Two subsidiaries in China, Yunnan Kunlene Film Industries Co. Ltd. (YKFI) and Suzhou Kunlene Film Industries Co. Ltd. (SKFI) work for Indopoly.

The company serves globally, sets milestones, and achieves them to prosper. In 2020, the gross profit of the company was more than 44,000USD.

With numerous national and international certifications, Indopoly ensures market-oriented constructive teamwork with professionalism.

That makes Indopoly among the best BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia.

Main Products:  

BOPP films and BoPET films.

PT Argha Karya Prima Industry

Address: Jl. Pahlawan, Karang Asem Barat, Kecamatan Citeureup, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16810


It is the largest manufacturer of BOPP films in Indonesia. The Napan Group owns PT. Argha Karya Prima Industry, also known as Arkaprin.

Argha Karya Prima Industry has two leading brands Arlene and Areta. Arlene is the BOPP plastic film range, whereas, Areta is the BoPET film most commonly used in the flexible packaging industry.

Variable industries like food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and converters prefer using BOPP films for packaging and printing purposes.

In the year 2019, the gross profit of Argha Karya was 192.22 billion IDR. Likewise, you can see a significant increase in production capacity, sales, and annual turnover, making Argha one of the best BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia.

Main Products:

BOPP films and BoPET films

PT. Lotte Packaging

Address: Jl. Raya Curug Km 1.1, Ds. Kadu Jaya, Curug 15810 Tangerang, Indonesia


Lotte packaging believes in responsibility, partnership, focus on customers, passion, and originality.

Lotte’s three BOPP film lines work consecutively. These plastic films are widely used for printing and laminating purposes, making adhesive tapes and labels.

This certified company is among the top-rated BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia. It provides you with high-grade packaging solutions for numerous industries.

Main Products:

BOPP films and polypropylene films.

PT. Karuniatama Polypack

Address: Kompleks Gading Bukit Indah Blok Q No. 5-6 JAKARTA, Jakarta 14240, ID

Karuniatama Polypack

The factory was established in the year 2007, with a significant investment of $22.4m.

This factory helps to meet the plastic requirements not only in Jakarta but also in the surrounding regions by producing 30,000 tonnes/year.

The Karuniatama poly pack aims to become one of the best BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia.

For this reason, the company manufactures top-notch BOPP films in fully automated machines and gives them to you at competitive prices.

Moreover, the company’s steady and constant expansion guarantees more production capacity, variety in products, and substantial annual turnouts.

Main Products:

BOPP films

PT. Masplast Poly Film

Address: L. Bojong Buah Raya KAV.10 Terusan Kopo KM 11, Kec Katapang Bandung 40971, Jawa Barat - Indonesia


It all started in 1996, since then PT. Masplast is serving local and overseas markets. The company is the pioneer of making double bubble heat-shrinkable films in Indonesia.

Mastplast factory is equipped with up-to-date and advanced equipment. The highly qualified and trained staff works round the clock to manufacture high-grade plastic films.

Furthermore, a team of quality controllers ensures that the production is up to international standards.

When it comes to environmental preservation, Masplast is playing its part efficiently. In-house recycling plant recycles the waste produced during the production process to save the environment.

All these factors, collectively, make Masplast one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia.

Main Products:

BOPP films, BOPP shrink film, and POF films

PT. Polidayaguna Perkasa

Address: JL Karimunjawa, DS Gedanganak, Ungaran, Central Java, 50519, Indonesia


In the year 2000, there were eight BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia. Among them, one was PT. Polidayaguna Perkasa.

The company came into being in 1989. It has an annual production capacity of 8,500 tons. By using the Mitsubishi process technology, Polidayaguna manufactures five types of BOPP films.

These films include plain BOPP films, metalized and heat sealable BOPP films. The company markets these specific plastic films under the name Boplene or Prolene.

Main Products:

BOPP films, PET films

PT Polyplex Films Indonesia

Address: Kawasan Industri Modern Cikande, JI. Raya Jakarta-Serang KM 68, Kec. Cikande, Kab. Serang 42186


After a massive success in six major countries globally, Polyplex set foot in Indonesia in 2017. It is an owned subsidiary of  Polyplex Thailand.

In the beginning, the capacity of the BOPP film production line in Indonesia was 60,000TPA, which is increasing day by day.

Polyplex serves you with plain plastic films as well as surface-coated films. In-house manufacturing equipment and production capacity have made Polyplex one of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia.

Consequently, Polyplex serves numerous industries with plain films as raw materials and the market with treated packaging material.

Main Products:

BOPP films, CPP films, and PET films

PT Colorpak Indonesia, Tbk

Address: Jl. Industri II Blok F No. 7 Pasir Jaya, Jatiuwung, Tangerang Banten, 15135, Indonesia.


The company started in the year 1988. Two well-established factories deal with the production of printing ink, coating, and other printing equipment.

PT Colorpak is one of the leading BOPP, PET, and nylon film suppliers in Indonesia. The company has supplied BOPP films as raw material for many rotogravure industries since 2004.

It is a joint venture with Novacote flex pack. The company also exports the products to China and Australia.

Main Products:

Inks, Films, and adhesives

PT. Squar Jaya

Address: Tubagus angke raya, Ruko grawisa no. 30, Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

squar jaya

Since 2009, PT. Squar Jaya is working as a manufacturer and trader of BOPP films globally. The company supplies BOPP plastic films as a raw material for various packaging and printing companies.

Squar Jaya has a wide range of products for numerous industries. Contact the company for various details.


Main Products:

BOPP films, UV varnish, hot stamping foil, and holographic film

It’s a Wrap

In 1991 the annual production capacity of the Indonesia plastic film industry was 33,500 tons. It had a significant improvement till 2000, i.e., 161,700 tons per year.

This rapid growth and boost were possible because of the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Indonesia. These are (Arkaprin) PT. Argha Karya Prima Industry, PT. Trias Sentosa, and  PT. Polidayaguna Perkasa.

With BOPP films’ growing demand and benefits, existing manufacturers are improving and expanding their production plants.

Similarly, new manufacturers are setting foot in the industry to play their part to fulfill the market demand.

Choose the best-suited manufacturer for your business and get a quote right away.