Top 10 BOPP Film Manufacturers in Pakistan – A Complete Guide

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Why Select BOPP Film Manufacturers in Pakistan?

The world is witnessing a constant rise in the consumption of BOPP plastic film around the globe and the revenues associated with it. It is because of its lower cost, non-toxicity, and other favorable properties. 

Several business concerns started their ventures as BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan decades ago for its ever-rising demand. 

This article enlists some of the major market players of this industry and a brief overview of their products.

One of the main reasons to select Pakistan as your BOPP film manufacturing country is the low cost they offer. You can get high-grade BOPP plastic films at a low price as compared to other countries. 

You can quickly look at the content below and choose the company that genuinely suits your business needs.

Review Companies

MacPac Films Ltd.

Address: Plot #21, Maqboolabad, Jinnah Cooperative Housing Society, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi-75400


Macpac Films Ltd. is the pioneer amongst the BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan. Incorporated in 1993, it has been pleasing its customers with its high-quality products for almost three decades now.

Macpac Films Ltd. has state-of-the-art equipment from Brückner that produces plain and sealable BOPP products, as well as metalized films.

It produces multiple grades of co-extruded BOPP films in varieties like transparent, matte, pearlized, and metalized films. Its thickness may vary from 10 to 40 microns.

Its products application is focused mainly on:

  • Food (confectionery items, snacks, tea, biscuits, baked products) 
  • Labels (transparent and opaque) 
  • Other applications (overwrapping, decorative purposes, textile bags, tobacco, adhesive tapes, pharmaceutical items, and more.)

Main Products:

BOPP films, CPP films, and biodegradable films 

TriPack Films Ltd.

Address: House No. 18-B Sir Abdullah Haroon Road, (Adjucent Marriot Hotel), Karachi, Pakistan.


Tripack Films Ltd. is also among the leading BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan. It is a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation Japan and Packages Ltd. Pakistan.

When incorporated in 1993, it started its journey with only one BOPP line of 5400 tons. It has grown massively over time and has four BOPP lines now producing 66,800 tons of BOPP every year.

It also has two CPP lines of more than 17,000 tons.

The corporation believes in providing customers with dependable, quality, and economical films and, also, strong customer service.

Main Products:

BOPP films, IML films, and CPP films  

International Packaging Films Ltd.

Address: Plot# 40-L-1, P.E.C.H.S. Block 6, Near Jason Trade Center, Karachi 75400, Pakistan.


International Packaging Films (Pvt) Ltd. (IPAK) is a relatively new business concern that started its operations in 2017 in Lahore, Pakistan.

In just a year, IPAK achieved quality certifications ISO 9001, 14001, 18000, and 22000, which embarks on its commitment to quality. 

With the latest top-of-the-line Bruckner and Kampf equipment, it has a huge production capacity of 40,000 tons per annum.

IPAK manufactures several grades of BOPP films with thicknesses ranging from 10 to 60 microns.

IPAK is one of the emerging BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan. It supplies products to the local market and also exports its films to Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Main Products:

BOPP films

Astro Films

Address: 17, Banglore Town, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi - 75350, Pakistan.

astro films

Astro Films is one of the leading BOPET, CPP, and BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan. It is well known in both local and international markets.

It is owned by Ismail Industries Limited which is an ISO 9001:2015 certified concern. It is a huge concern with a total production capacity of 80,000 tons per annum.

It has a 4-meter BOPP film line with the name Plastiflex Films Pvt. Ltd, which yields 4,200 tons of BOPP annually.

Bruckner’s (Germany) film line, at Astro film’s Gaddani facility, produces BOPP plastic films of thickness ranging from 14u-40u.

It manufactures transparent grades of the film including overwrap, holographic film, composite, and metalized BOPP.

The output is mostly used for overwrap requirements of numerous food categories.

Main Products:

BOPP films, BoPET films, and CPP films

Tuff Poly Films Pvt. Ltd.

Address: Plot # C-48, Phase 1, S.I.T.E 2, Super Highway, Karachi, Pakistan

tuff poly films

Though incorporated in 2010, Tuff PolyFilms Pvt Ltd. started its commercial production in 2012. Its German Bruckner plant can produce 2500 tons of finished BOPP films per annum.

Its packaging film comes in two different grades, i.e. lamination plain non-heat sealable & composite heat sealable. The thickness of the films lies between 12 to 50 microns.

Tuff PolyFilms is the local market’s preferred choice in the case of lamination film. It has been named one of the best laminating BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan.

Moreover, it is taken to be the biggest BOPP lamination plain non-heat sealable film supplier.

To cater to the growing market needs and fulfill orders timely, the company plans to undergo expansion soon in the future.

It intends to add another line of BOPP plastic film which will further mount a capacity of manufacturing 5,000 tons annually.

Main Products:

BOPP films (heat sealable and non-heat sealable)

AHY Industries

Address: 2.5 Km Kahna Kacha Road, Lahore, Pakistan


AHY Plastic Industries is one of the noteworthy plastic manufacturing group of companies in Lahore, Pakistan. It has made its mark in the local market with its presence for almost 40 years. 

AHY Plastics has recently set up a company named MHY Poly industries. This new venture caters to the market needs for PolyPropylene and Biaxially-Oriented PolyPropylene products.

Equipped with a modern integrated unit, spanning over 17 acres, it manufactures a variety of plastic packaging products and pipes.

It has a multilayer PP/BOPP line for the production of PP and BOPP films and bags.

Main Products:

BOPP films, PE films, and flexible pipes

Toyo Packaging

Address: F-2 A-C S.I.T.E Karachi-Pakistan (Near Dalda Factory)


Toyo Packaging was established in 1989. It is a leading flexible packaging company in Pakistan. In 2020, it received “The Fastest Growing Brand of The Year Award”.

Toyo packaging strives to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality, safe, and reliable products. It has attained quality certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and FSSC 22000.

Toyo Packaging and MACPAC Films Ltd are sister concerns. Their strong supply chain support gives them a competitive edge.

Its clientele belongs to diverse kinds of industries like FMCG, tea, confectionery, snacks, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and automotive.

Main products:

BOPP films, CPP, and BoPET products

ABN Packaging International

Address: Suite No.235, Sunny Plaza, Hasrat Mohani Road Karachi, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan


ABN Packaging International is a notable manufacturer of fine quality flexible packaging material. It also exports its products worldwide and manufactures packaging machines.

The company has been an Gold Member since 2007 and caters to the pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics industry. It focuses on its pricing, quality, and delivery schedules to remain the best amongst its competitors.

ABN Packaging serves its clients with BOPP, PET films, fresh food wraps, holographic products, bags, and pouches.

Main Products:

BOPP and PET films for lamination or printing, laminates, and packaging machinery

Bin Naeem

Address: Zainab Manzil, Jay Ram Street, Karachi - 74200

bin naeem

Malik Paper Mart, the mother company of Bin Naeem, was founded in 1950. In 70 years, Bin Naeem has earned an excellent reputation in Pakistan’s paper, board, and printing industry.

Bin Naeem has also broadened its product boundaries to accommodate plastic films too. It maintains a wide range of BOPP films for your business.

The company deals in BOPP film in 10 to 30 micron or lamination film, EVA glue, and chemicals for printing. Also, coated or gloss, paper and board, fluorescent and plain self-adhesive paper, and more.

Main Products:

BOPP films, glues, printing chemicals, paper, and board products

Humza Traders

Address: 514, Haji Umed Ali Road, Hyderabad, Pakistan

Humza Traders is a distribution company based in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Mr. Umair Aftab has run this concern for the last 26 years as a director.

Humza Traders is a leading supplier of plastic and chemicals in Hyderabad. BOPP film manufacturers in Pakistan are primarily based in the big industrial hubs like, Karachi and Lahore. This distribution company aims at filling the gap between those manufacturers and the end-users based in Hyderabad.

Main Products:

Plain BOPP films, color BOPP films, sodium carbonate, and ammonium bicarbonate


We hope this compilation was helpful for you.  Whether you are a distributor, supplier, retailer, or consumer, you can benefit from this information.

Contact the manufacturer that best suits your business needs and get a quote. Furthermore, if you are a BOPP manufacturer yourself and want your company listed here, let us know!

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