What Are the Uses and Benefits of Polyester Film for Medical Industries?

If you are related to the medical industry, packaging medicines and solvents is not a difficult task anymore. You may get high-grade corona-treated BOPET films from Kingchuan to securely pack the medicines.

The durable and multi-purpose BOPET films possess high barrier properties. These help you to serve the medical industry in various ways.

Let’s get into the details to have a better idea.

What Is Polyester Film?

Polyester film is a kind of plastic polymer. “PET” is the general abbreviation for the chemical name “polyethylene terephthalate.” Polyester plastic film is also recognized as Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET).

Polyester film is a polymer resin that is associated with the polyester family. This compound is not just available in fibers and sheets. It offers an array of characteristics that make it amazingly versatile for various applications in the medical industry.

Also, manufacturers can stretch this material into a thin film that offers plenty of potential benefits in the medical industry. Polyester film is a versatile plastic film. Polyester film is well-known for providing optical clarity, mechanical and physical strength, and chemical and thermal stability.

Melinex® and Mylar® PET films are the perfect substrates for many medical specialties.


BOPET Film for Medical Industry

Various BOPET Films and Their Uses in the Medical Industry

Generally, polyester film is available in a clear coat and a glossy finish. Kingchuan can make this film with other visual finishes such as hazy, matte, or no masking. 

The surface of this film can also be modified to match unique textures like smooth or very rough finish as per the customer’s demand. 

The most common types of polyester films are:

  • Aluminized PET film
  • Heat sealable PET film
  • Glossy PET film 
  • Matte PET film 
  • Colored polyester film 
  • Reflective film
  • Polyester printing film 
  • Silicone coated PET film
  • PET holographic film

How BOPET Films are Beneficial for the Medical Industry?

Previously paper was the most widely utilized material for medical device packaging. There has been an increase in plastic films in the medical industry.

By better understanding and successive modification of molecular structures, the medical packaging films have been improved to boost desirable properties. 

Polyester film provides the medical industry with a wide range of visual and practical benefits. For improving the properties of medical polyester films, various new manufacturing techniques have been introduced.

These techniques include:

  • The use of newly discovered plasticizers
  • Heat stabilizers
  • Lubricants
  • Additives

Some of the benefits offered by the polyester films are described here:

1. Superior Optical Clarity

Generally, polyester film is particularly famous for providing excellent optical clarity, which is especially advantageous for covering medical products. 

2. Versatility

This film comes in an array of textures and finishes based on the requirements of each user. However, it also offers anti-glare and anti-fog properties in almost all of these options. 

3. High Stability

The polyester film provides a peak level of stability. This film has plenty of heat stabilization characteristics. 

It offers low shrinkage in a wide range of environments. 

4. Excellent Chemical Resistance

This film is also resistant to a lot of chemical applications. So fundamentally, the film holds its form tremendously well in almost any condition. 

The chemical resistance property also allows the polyester film to benefit from applying various chemical treatments for particular uses in the medical industry.

5. Environmentally Friendly

Polyester film is well-known for being one of the most eco-friendly plastic films available. This film can easily be recycled and used again. Recycling polyester film can spectacularly lessen the need for new raw materials and high energy output for formation. 


BOPET Film Packaging

What Are the Uses of Polyester Film in the Medical Industry?

The rigorous necessities for adequate packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices have led to developing and enhancing an extensive range of medical polymer films.

These films stop a product from migrating or evading the enclosed packaging and entering the environment.

It also defends against outside influences that could go into a package and hurt the medical products. The most common uses of polyester films in the medical industry include:

1. Glucose Testing

The hydrophilic film is a transparent polyester film. It is treated on one side with a hydrophilic coating. The surface of this film is covered with protective film.

Hydrophilic film permits the biological fluid like blood fast and continual diffusion. It is frequently used as the cover layer of blood glucose test strips.

Glucose Testing

2. Lamination Applications

Numerous laminations have been manufactured to fabricate pouches by fill, form, and seal machines.

These pouches are utilized for packaging pharmaceutical capsules, powders, tablets, liquids, ointments, and creams. These pouches are also used for overwrapping medical devices. The pouch structure offers a sound barrier.

3. Blister Packaging

Polyester film for blister packaging has been prepared for particular applications requiring acquiescence with shelf-life standards and shelter from environmental conditions. For example, gas, chemicals, moisture, and external microbiological and particulate contamination.

Medical blister packaging applications include medical pouches, implantable devices, surgical instruments, diagnostic test kits, and disposables.


Blister Packaging

Formation of Medical Products

Polyester film is also used to manufacture:

  • Transdermal patches
  • Plastic face shields
  • Membrane switches
  • Medical labeling
  • Medical adhesives and tapes
  • Filtration & drug reaction bags

It is also used as a release film for hydrogel electrodes & advanced wound care. Polyester film is also used during microfluidic assays.

Final Verdict

Polyester films can be helpful for you in many ways. PET films are highly favored for their tensile strength to endure significant tension – both in production plus in final end-product usage. You can use this film for packing medical items safely. 

Polyester films are famous for chemical and dimensional stability in the medical industry. These films have exceptional transparency or opacity and uniform surface characteristics.

These films are chemically non-reactive, which is a plus point regarding medical packaging.

If you want to take full advantage of this film, it is necessary to buy a high-quality polyester film. At Kingchuan, you will get a wide range of the best polyester films at reasonable prices.


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