What Is the Future of BOPA Film in the Packaging Industry?

The demand for packaging material is incredibly increasing day by day. With the increasing demand, worldwide manufacturers are improving the quality and quantity of their products.

BOPA films are one of the most in-demand packaging materials. These films are predictable to gain impetus as they are predicted to outperform in the flexible packaging market due to their exceptional features.

Let’s dig into the details quickly!

Introduction to BOPA Film

BOPA film stands for Biaxially Oriented Polyamide. This Biaxially oriented polyamide film is manufactured with state-of-the-art three-layer co-extrusion, and flat cast dies procedures.

These procedures are combined with a two-step tenter frame orientation to enhance the properties of this axis nylon film. 

This orientation is a crucial success factor for the growth of BOPA Films. Orientation is a fundamental part of the polymer processing industry to change bits of plastic resin into valuable packaging films.

Polyamide film is particularly appropriate for packaging fresh foods, cooked and frozen foods, vegetables, aquatic products, agricultural products packaging, electronic products, and medical supplies packaging.



Why Is Demand for BOPA Film Increasing?

Increased purchase of packaged food via current sales channels like hypermarkets and supermarkets has elevated demand for BOPA films.

Furthermore, the increase of e-commerce that has facilitated the fast sale of packaged food products has also created an enormous demand in the market.

The market demand for one step BOPA film is also being driven by the quick swings in customer inclination towards the online means of buying packaged food.

Consequently, it has additionally enhanced the need for packaging solutions.

With the increased demand for ready-to-eat meals, and canned fruits & vegetables, processed food is expected to be pushy in utilizing BOPA films as customers’ safety will take precedence.

The lightweight and dimensional stability of BOPA Films have resulted in its growing applications across verticals. 

The exceptional barrier properties of BOPA films are projected to be its selling points during the forecast period that will be receptive to hygiene and cross-contaminations.

Innovations in terms of product development to the development of packing material, design technology, and properties of packaging material are expected to serve well for the vendors operating in the market.

BOPA Film Demand

BOPA Film Demand

6 Good Reasons Why Do Customers Prefer BOPA Film for Packaging?

Polyamide plastic film possesses favorable properties for packaging applications, particularly food packaging.

Following are some characteristic of this film that has forced the customers to use this film for packaging. 

1.  Exceptional Mechanical Strength

Oriented polyamide film exhibits more remarkable mechanical properties, like impact-, puncture-, burst- and tear-resistance.

Processed food products are vulnerable to spoiling if exposed to biological or atmospheric impurities. Thus, BOPA film protects the food products from this damage due to its good mechanical strength. 

2.  High Abrasion and Flex-Crack Resistance

BOPA films provide a more fantastic defense against pin-holing and a consequential loss of barrier.

It makes BOPA film the perfect option for freezing to steam sterilization packaging applications.

3. Optical Properties

Nylon packaging film offers extraordinary surface gloss and excellent transparency that make it an ideal option for applications in which package appearance is supreme.

4. Laminating, Printing, and Metalizing

BOPA films with corona treated (one or both) sides can give BOPA films tremendously high surface energy for exceptional ink, lamination, and metal adhesion.

You may use BOPA film for printing for printing to serve several sectors. Similarly, Kingchuan’s BOPA lamination films are suitable for various industries.

5. Gas and Aroma Barrier

BOPA films offer an outstanding gas and aroma barrier. These properties come from a mixture of resin assortment and three-layer co-ex technology.

The exceptional protection offered by BOPA films against moisture and gas is projected to make them a favored packaging solution among customers.

6. Chemical Resistance

Nylon wrapping film presents superb chemical resistance to many organic solvents, fertilizers, and plentiful other commercial and industrial chemicals.


Printed BOPA Film

Anticipations about BOPA Film’s Future Market Trends

Major Anticipations

  • The globally-oriented polyamide film market will reach 3.5 billion dollars by 2025. 
  • BOPA films market is predicted to increase at a CAGR of 5.4% during the forecast period of 2020 and 2030.
  • BOPA films market is expected to reach above 1.58 billion dollars by 2030, with nylon 6 grade at the development forefront. 
  • The food industry to stay a critical consumer of BOPA films and view an extension of 1.8x of its recent value by 2030

A Market Report by Lucintel

Lucintel claimed that the BOPA film’s market future seems striking with changes in the packaging, automotive, construction, and electrical & electronic industries in his newly published market report. 

The global nylon film market is anticipated to decline in 2020 because of the global economic slump caused by COVID-19. However, the market will view recovery in 2022.

It is anticipated to reach an expected $3.5 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 5% to 7% from 2020-2025. 

The main growth drivers for the BOPA film’s market are the raising demand for flexible packaging. The reason is, the expansion in the food and pharmaceutical market.

Other reasons are, its better mechanical strength, superior transparency, chemical resistance, and outstanding gas barrier properties as compared to BOPP ( biaxially oriented polypropylene) and BOPET (biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate film).

Future of BOPA Film in Food Packaging

Inside the BOPA film market, food packaging is anticipated to stay the chief end-use industry. You may observe a maximum growth because of the expansion in demand for processed meat, red meat, and cheese packaging.

Lucintel expects that the demand for BOPA films in barrier functions is predictable to remain the most considerable section.

It is also probable to observe the maximum growth during the forecast period favored by excellent defense properties. It might be permeation of water, loss from the aroma, enhanced shelf-life, sustained taste.

It has been anticipated that Europe and East Asia will mutually rule the BOPA film market with 52% in the global market. 


With the increase of the packaging industry, the demand for packaging films has been raised. Due to the best features offered by BOPA film, it is gaining the best reputation in the packaging industry.

The vital demand of BOPA film is in the food and pharmaceutical packaging industries. It has also been anticipated that BOPA film will continue to enhance its position in the global market in the future. 

If you are looking for the best quality BOPA films, Kingchuan is your ultimate partner. Being leading BOPA film manufacturer Kingchuan provides high-quality nylon films at reasonable prices. 


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