7 Amazing Benefits of Heat Transfer BOPET Film in the Textile Industry

Are you looking for a plastic film that can be used effectively in various textile industries’ applications?

Then, no need to look anywhere else, because we will tell you the answer in this article. Heat transfer BOPET film is the best plastic film used in clothing.

In the textile print industry, heat polyester film (PET film) is used for hot and cold peel applications. This polyester film features thermal stability, allowing for improved dimensional stability during high-temperature applications. 

Kingchuan has a variety of custom heat transfer films available with various surface treatments, making them suitable for CAD lettering, screen printing, offset, flexo, digital printing, etc.

The heat stabilized polyester film is widely used as thermal transfer film for printing images on T-shirts, footwear, clothes, bags, and luggage.


BOPET in the Textile Industry

Get to Know about Heat Transfer BOPET Film

It is a high-performance and crystal transparent thermoplastic. Compared to other plastic materials, it is ductile and can endure a wide range of temperatures without losing the printed design’s quality.

This film offers a wide range of applications in the textile industry. Heat transfer BOPET film is perfect when printing detailed and complex designs.

You can utilize it in printing designs on pillows, T-Shirts, bags, shoes, umbrellas, and even caps.

This film is used to print all types of clothes and home furnishings such as bedspreads, pillows, sheets, furniture, carpets, and curtains.

It is surely an amazing classification of BOPET film for the textile industry.

What Are the Benefits of Heat Transfer BOPET Film in the Textile Industry?

Heat transfer PET film is mainly used in the textile industry for printing images on different items by the thermal transfer printing method.

Thermal transfer printing works perfectly on paper. It is also ideal for printing images on other materials, including garments and textiles. 

Heat-transfer printed images formed by heat-resistant BOPET film are water-resistant, adhesive resistant, and durable.

You can also utilize heat transfer printing to print your favorite images onto physically complex objects and even acrylics such as coffee mugs.

Following are the 7 most prominent benefits of heat-resistant polyester film.

1.  Durability:

BOPET films are influential. They don’t tear, stretch, or pill easily. 

Heat transfer BOPET films can easily withstand abrasion from machine-washing. 

It does not need particular care. Due to the durability of this film, it is suitable for printing on expensive brand shirts. 

2.  Moisture-Resistance:

Heat transfer BOPET can resist liquid droplets. It means that the film will repel moisture rather than soak it up.

This property makes it a famous material for printing on outdoor clothing and gear (like tents) that require keeping off rain and precipitation.  


Heat Transfer Printing on T-Shirts

3.  Wrinkle-Resistance:

Heat-resistant BOPET film is wrinkle-resistant. It will better hold its drape, shape, and rigidity. 

It retains heat-set wrinkles and creases. The wrinkle resistance of the polyester plastic film made it especially famous in the 1970s for cloth printing that needed constant washing and ironing to evade wrinkling. 

4.  Chemical Resistance:

It is resistant to many harmful chemicals. It is also mildew resistant. You can use it for printing on cloths for workers who work in chemical labs.

The images printed, using heat transfer film, on shirts do not fade after contacting solid acids.  

5.  Dimension Stability

Films are heat-treated at High temperatures for perfect dimensional stability and low shrinkage to achieve the best possible registration in multi-color printing in the textile industry.

This film can bear the high temperature does not melt while printing. The quality of the printed image is not affected while ironing the clothes. 

6. Coating Surface Finish

The surface finish of the film is such, which gives a satin matte finish to the transfers. It also hides the overlay marking of backup adhesives, especially on the back or dark cloth surfaces. 

7.  Antistatic

The film has inherent antistatic properties. No powder will stick on film other than the backside, which is a boon for the powder application process by machine & manual application.

Applications of Heat Transfer BOPET Film in Textile Industry

Heat-transfer Polyester film has a wide range of applications in the fashion and textile industry. It is used successfully in many applications due to its excellent combination of optical, physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties and its unique versatility.

Some of its uses are given below:

1. Printing on Bags and Backpacks

Since the polyester film is cheap, durable, and moisture-resistant, that’s why it is used for printing on different kinds of bags.

Workout bags, tote bags, and backpacks are frequently manufactured from heat transfer BOPET or polyester blends.

2.  Upholstery and Home Furnishings

Besides clothing fashion, high-temperature polyester film is perfect for interior design and home décor. 

  • It is used for printing beautiful flowers on everything from drapery to tablecloths to cheap bed sheets.
  • It is used to décor cushion and insulating material in pillows, comforters, and upholstery padding.

3.   For Printing Brand Logo

Heat transfer BOPET film can print brand logos on textile items. You can utilize it for your brand promotion. 

4.  For Sports T-Shirts

This film can be used to print the sportsman’s name on their t-shirts. Due to the durability of this film, the prints remain for more extended periods on shirts. 


Printing on Shirts


If you want to go on a trip to décor your room with beautiful printed pillows and curtains, you must prefer those pillows printed using Heat transfer BOPET film. 

Heat transfer printing has many applications, from custom clothes to labels and receipts. You can use it to create the best, most vivid, and most visually stunning designs.

Heat transfer BOPET film is replacing other printing films in the textile industry due to its excellent characteristics.  

A large number of companies are manufacturing BOPET Films. Kingchuan is the leader in this field. You must buy high-quality Heat transfer BOPET films from Kingchuan for use in the textile industry.

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