A Strong Packaging Solution – BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape

What Is BOPP Adhesive Tape?

BOPP adhesive tape is a common name that holds great significance in the tape industry. This glossy adhesive film has served as a strong packaging solution for decades.   

You must have seen BOPP adhesive tapes commonly used as stationary tapes or to pack normal to heavy packages. They have a wide application area and are used in different industries and markets. The most common use of this BOPP tape is in the shipping and inventory industries.

This tape is thin film and coated with water-based adhesives. Despite the thinness, these tapes’ features are incredible, making this tape a versatile packaging solution. 

The qualities that these BOPP packing tapes exhibits are:

  • Strength
  • Security
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures

These features of BOPP (Biaxial Oriented Polypropylene) adhesive film is derived from Polypropylene. It is a thermoplastic polymer with high-temperature tolerance, stretchability, tensile strength, and transparency.

Because of these characteristics, this super clear tape film performs as a strong seal for packaging. The robust nature of the BOPP adhesive tape makes it ideal for tough and heavy-duty applications. 


BOPP Adhesive Tape

3 Types of BOPP Adhesive Tape

There are different types of BOPP adhesive tape. The product is categorized in terms of appearance. The easy printability of Polypropylene and smooth surface of the product renders it easily absorbent to dye. 

The BOPP masking film can have the following appearances:

1.      Transparent BOPP Adhesive Tape

These BOPP tapes are clear and completely transparent. They are used for sealing when the inside of the package has to be visible. They are commonly used on labels or codes. 

2.      Colored BOPP Adhesive Tape

These BOPP adhesive tapes are pigmented. Colored packing tapes are used to set a product apart and identify them. 

3.      Customized BOPP Adhesive Tape 

Kingchuan can customize the BOPP adhesive tapes too. Customization includes printed labels, names, or logos. Custom or printed BOPP tape is used for branding or company recognition.

This tape has no fading or bleeding of color, hence the high printability. The properties and characteristics of the tape remain unaffected regardless of its appearance. 


Colored BOPP Adhesive Tape

Properties of BOPP Adhesive Tape

As stated above, BOPP adhesive tape contains several remarkable properties. These properties make it an ideal packaging material in different industries and applications.

The multi-purpose use of this double-sided tape is attributed to the following properties.

1.      High Strength 

BOPP adhesive tape has high strength and shock resistance. These characteristics are attributed to the unitization of the product. 

The BOPP adhesive tape is unitized tightly into a strong whole. Hence it possesses the high tensile strength, ruggedness, and impact resistance. 

The strength and toughness of the product remain intact even in adverse conditions. It makes it ideal when a firmly secure seal is required to hold the product packaging.

Despite this plastic film tape’s high strength and rigidity, it is amazingly lightweight. 

2.      Temperature Range

The tape can survive with all its effectiveness in a wide temperature range. The high tensile strength of the product persists in extreme cold to scorching temperatures.

This property makes it suitable for the transportation of packages in conditions involving extreme temperatures.  

3.      Moisture Resistance 

BOPP adhesive tape offers moisture resistance as well. The tape remains intact and does not delaminate even under humid conditions. 

The tolerance to moisture makes it a reliable and secure option for packaging. Not just water, the BOPP adhesive tape also offers resistance to oil and dust.  

4.      UV Resistance

Another remarkable feature of BOPP self-adhesive film is resistance to UV rays. The strength of the adhesive tape is not weakened by direct sunlight, even for an extended period. It makes the tape ideal for transporting packages in high exposure to sunlight. 

Other properties of the tape include wrinkle-proof, non-toxicity and eco-friendliness, high clarity, and gloss.  


UV Resistant BOPP Adhesive Tape

Applications of BOPP Adhesive Packing Tape

BOPP adhesive packing tape serves in different industries and can be used for several applications.

1.      Shipping Industry

Items to be shipped can go through adverse conditions, putting the packaging film’s strength to the test. 

BOPP adhesive tape is an ideal solution to the packaging demands of the shipping industry. From heavy-duty to light cartons, this BOPP tape is suitable for all. 

It remains intact in humidity, extreme temperatures, or exposure to sunlight. Breaking is never a concern. It keeps the products inside securely held and packaged. 

2.      Inventory Management 

The BOPP adhesive tape is a valuable packaging solution for storing products in warehouses and inventory. 

Besides making it easy to make the inventory noticeable, it keeps it secure. The chances of theft are also eliminated.  

3.      Other Industries

BOPP adhesive packing tape uses are not confined to one or two industries. Its applications stretch to other miscellaneous sectors as well. 

These include the electronics, jewelry, and publication industries. In short, every market that requires safe and secure sealing of products can never go wrong with BOPP adhesive tape.   


A Strong Packaging Solution

Summing Up 

The BOPP adhesive packing tape is an incredibly versatile product. It offers many benefits and is used for a wide array of applications. It is considered an excellent option for packaging in different markets. Besides being used as an ordinary stationery tape, it also serves for heavy-duty applications. The customizability of this tape multiplies its uses. With the colored or printed appearance, you can use it for specific purposes. 

This article contains all you need to know about BOPP adhesive packing tape. For high-quality BOPP adhesive tape at a reasonable price, you can rely on Kingchuan. Kingchuan has been serving worldwide for decades with international standard BOPP film packaging products. 

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