BOPP Film – An Ideal Solution for Your Customized Packaging


BOPP film stands for biaxially oriented polypropylene film. It is a kind of flexible packaging film. Plastic BOPP film is stretched in transverse and machine directions. As a result, a molecular chain orientation is obtained in both directions. 

This kind of flexible packaging film is manufactured through a tubular production procedure. In this reaction, a tube-shaped film bubble is inflated and heated to its softening point. Then it is stretched with machinery. Through this procedure, the film stretches between 300% – 400%. 

Biaxial orientation of this film results in:

  • Improved toughness
  • Enhanced stiffness
  • Increased clarity
  • Better oil and grease resistance

It also enhances the film’s barrier properties against water vapor and oxygen. BOPP films are now widely used in food packaging. This film replaces cellophane in snack and tobacco packaging applications due to its unique properties and low cost.  



Sub-Products of BOPP Plastic Film:

BOPP is a versatile plastic film. It comes in various shapes, widths, and thicknesses. Some of its most common types are as follow:

BOPP Glossy Film

BOPP glossy film is mainly prepared for laminating the best quality supports. This film has a shiny surface on one side. This glossy surface gives the film a lovely touch and increases the image of laminated products.

BOPP Matte Film

BOPP matte film presents a matt surface. The matt finish of the film decreases the transparency and might improve the extravagance appeal of your product. This film is available in a low seal grade. 


BOPP Matte Film

Printable BOPP Film

This BOPP film offers excellent printability with various inks. Printable BOPP film has a surface that allows the printing inks to adhere to it.

Heat Sealable BOPP Film

Heat sealable BOPP film is heat-treated on both sides. It can withstand high temperatures ranges.

BOPP Holographic Film:

Holographic BOPP film is micro-embossed with patterns or even images. The embossing procedure is similar to cutting minute grooves into the film’s surface at various angles and in different shapes.


BOPP Holographic Film

Metalized BOPP Film:

Metalized BOPP Film is a versatile film that presents ultra-high oxygen- and moisture- barrier properties. This film can be used in tri-laminations as a foil replacement. It can also be used as an overwrap lamination or wrapper. 


What Are the Characteristics of BOPP Film?

BOPP film has become one of the most famous and highly demanded films all across the globe due to its remarkable properties. Some excellent BOPP Film’s characteristics are given below:

BOPP Film Properties

  • BOPP films offer outstanding clarity. It has excellent gloss and high transparency. This property gives it a distinctive look and fine finish.
  • It is a lightweight film with a density closer to 0.90 g/m. This film provides a high yield at a similar cost compared to other films like polyester films.
  • Compared to other polyester films, BOPP films are resistant to outside pollution. BOPP films act as an excellent moisture-resistant barrier. 
  • This film can resist pollution, corrosion, and damaging chemicals. It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, oils, and grease. 
  • It is recyclable and environmentally friendly.
  • It has the best dimensional stability and flatness. 
  • BOPP films apply good and best performance on high speeding printing.
  • It offers outstanding puncture and flex crack resistance over a broad range of temperatures.
  • These films are not affected by moisture. It does not wrinkle or shrink with changes in the atmosphere.
  • It has a low electrostatic charge


What Is BOPP Film Used for?

The applicability of BOPP film is limitless and matchless. However, some practical uses of BOPP films are described here: 

  • BOPP films are extensively used for the packing of food and their sealing.
  • Standard BOPP films are utilized for printing, electrical applications, and lamination.
  • This film is also used for Textbook covering. 
  • BOPP films are employed in extrusion coating, reverse printing, flower picking, and lamination.
  • BOPP films are also utilized as adhesive tapes and pressure-sensitive tapes. 


BOPP Film and Packaging

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film is a specific material extensively used in packaging. It is one of the most famous packaging materials due to its durability. BOPP Film is mainly used for:

  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Medical packaging
  • Personal care products packaging

Role of BOPP Film in Food Packaging

The food packaging necessities are very rigorous. BOPP films have a lot of properties that are appropriate and beneficial for packing food materials. The primary characteristics offered by BOPP films for packing food materials are as follows:

  • BOPP films protect the nutritional properties of the food till ultimate utilization due to their better barrier properties against moisture, gas, and light.
  • BOPP films offer cost-effective packaging. 
  • BOPP films can increase the product’s sales appeal on the shelf due to their high gloss, transparency, good optical properties, and printability. 

Role of BOPP Film in Pharmaceuticals & Medical Items Packaging:

Pharmaceuticals & medical industry is growing rapidly. Their packaging requirements are changing day by day, and now they need more advanced packaging.  

Packaging of medical products requires a material with advanced features to protect products from moisture, light, oxygen, and contaminants. BOPP films can offer such packaging features.

BOPP film is non-reactive to its olefinic (hydrocarbon) nature, making it appropriate for safe use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. BOPP film is used for packaging medical creams, bandages, and sachets.

Role of BOPP Film in the Packaging of Personal Care Products:

Due to its excellent barrier properties, BOPP film is also used for packaging cosmetics and personal care products like shampoo, etc. 

BOPP Film for Sachet Packing


Benefits of Using BOPP Film for Packaging

Moisture Resistance

BOPP film has a shallow moisture transmission rate compared to other packaging films. Due to its moisture resistance, BOPP film improves the shelf life and maintains the crispness of food items that are sensitive to moisture.

Excellent Optical Clarity

BOPP film has a blend of outstanding slip and optical properties. Due to its high gloss and exceptional clarity, it provides first-class visual appeal to packaged products.

At the same time, controlled slop characteristics make it appropriate to perform well on a variety of form fill seals (FFS), converting, and overwrapping machines.

Outstanding Physical Properties

BOPP film has high tensile strength. It possesses low elongation and thermal shrinkage, making it appropriate for high-speed printing, coating, or laminating processing.


Kingchuan can customize this film to meet various customer requirements, a mixture of any optical/barrier, optical/surface, and visual/mechanical properties.



If you are looking for a packaging film that could provide utmost protection to your food products and enhance their shelf life, then BOPP film is a perfect choice for you. There are various BOPP film manufacturers all over the world. 

Kingchuan is one of the most trustworthy BOPP film producers. You can get customized BOPP films from our company. 


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