How to Wrap Gift with Style Using BOPP Holographic Film

Packaging it is half the fun whenever you decide to gift a present to someone. Rightly done and beautiful gift wrapping sets a great first impression. 

Does that worry you because you don’t know how to wrap a gift? Well, it’s never too late to learn. 

When choosing a gorgeous wrapper for the gift, you can never go wrong with BOPP Film. Read this tutorial to know how to wrap a gift with style using BOPP holographic film. 


Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

Things That You Will Need:

Materials and tools that you will need to follow this tutorial include: 

  • BOPP Holographic Film– to wrap up the gift.
  • Gift box – to put the gift inside, a box will be easier to wrap, making the packing look neat and professional.  
  • Scissor – to cut the wrapping film, you can also use a paper cutter as a substitute. 
  • Scotch Tape – tape in and secure the wrapping film to the gift.

Ribbon/card/bow (Optional) – only if you add some decoration to your gift packaging.

Step by Step Instructions to Wrap Gift Using BOPP Holographic Film

Step 1: Measure

It’s good to put the gift into a box to wrap it so the packing can be more accessible and neat. Start with measuring the Holographic Film according to the size of the gift box. Unfurl the film and put the box topside down in the middle of the film. 

Roll the film over aside to the top of the gift and bring it to the other side. That will be the measurement of the two sides and the top of the box. But don’t cut the paper yet and read on to the next step. 

Step 2: Cut the Wrapping Film

After measuring the sides of the film, estimate the remaining sides’ measurements. Cut the film according to all the sides of the box you have to cover. 

Make the cuts smooth and even. You can cut some extra film so you can fold it for a smooth seam if the edges are turning out to be sharp.


Measure and Cut the Wrapping Sheet

Step 3: Fold the Film over the Present

Now, place the box in the center of the film. Then, take one edge of the film and wrap it over one side to the top of the box. Do the same with the opposite edge and wrap the film over the side to meet the other end. 

You should completely wrap up the box with the film now. Tape the wrapped-up film to the box. For a neater and cleaner look, fold the seam of the film before taping it over the present.  

Step 4: Fold and Tape the Open Ends

At the corners of the box, the film will have open ends. From one corner, tuck in the sides of the open end to the box. Two triangle-shaped flaps will be left now. 

Smoothen and crease the flaps neatly and fold over the box. Tape-in and secure the ends and flaps to the box. Repeat the same with the other open-end corner of the box. 

Step 5 (Optional): Add Decoration

At this point, you are all set with your gift wrapped up with the BOPP Holographic Film. However, to make it look more decorative and beautiful, you can add some final touches. 

For that, you can either tie up a ribbon-like bow or just tape over a bow. You can also stick with a greeting card or any other decorative piece. Gift decorations and accessories are always a good idea to spruce up the gift wrapping, making it stand out.


Décor with Ribbons

Create a Gift Bag Using BOPP Holographic Film

If the gift is in some odd shape that doesn’t fit into a box, you can go for a gift bag. The idea might have crossed your mind. But the prospect that you can make one yourself did too?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to create a gift bag using BOPP holographic film. It’s beautiful, it’s handy, it’s cool, and it’s much easier to make than what you might be thinking.

Things you will need:

  • BOPP Holographic Film
  • Scissor or paper cutter
  • Scotch tape
  • Hole puncher (Optional)
  • Ribbon (Optional)


Holographic Gift Bags

Step by Step Instructions to Create a Gift Bag Using BOPP Holographic Film

Step 1: Measure and Cut

Unfold the film and place the gift on it. Wrap the film over and see how much film is required to enfold the present altogether. The measurement should be twice the width of the gift. It’s wise to cut some extra wrapping film.

Fold the film. Now join both the edges at the center so that one edge overlaps the other by about an inch. Tape-in and secure the seam along.

Step 2: Create Base

You might find this part the trickiest, but only until you have understood and done it once. Create the base of the holographic film gift bag by folding its bottom-up until it’s close to the middle.

Now, unfold the bottom end into a diamond shape to make the inside visible. Press the corners down and flatten them to create triangles at both edges.

Fold the pointed upper end towards the middle. Please do the same with the bottom one making it overlap the other. Tape and secure all the sides.

You can add a cardboard piece at the base of the bag to make it strong enough if the gift is heavy. Cut a thin cardboard piece to fit the bottom and place it in.

Step 3 (Optional): Add Ribbon

You can put the gift in, fold the top and carry the bag like that. But if you want it to look prettier and more professional, like you picked it from the market, you can add a ribbon.

Use a hole puncher and punch four holes at the top where you want the ribbon to be. Insert the ribbon into the holes and tie it into a bow. That’s it! You’re good to go.


Here you go, an easy step-wise tutorial on wrapping a gift with BOPP holographic film. Fun to read, isn’t it? Following it is just as fun, too. 

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